Polyclinic officially launched

On 25.10.2018 the official opening of the polyclinic in the city centre of Puerto Plata took place. Dr. Milton Moranta and his team can now officially treat destitute and poor patients in one of the 5 treatment rooms. Citizens who can hardly afford a visit to a normal doctor’s office have the opportunity to get medical advice and treatment for 400 pesos (approx. 7 €) and to get free medication accordingly. In addition to Dr. Moronta, three other general practitioners, a dentist / orthodontist, a beautician as well as a physiotherapist and alternative practitioner work in the clinic. About half of the 400 pesos are used for the maintenance of the building. The students and association members Corinna Steiner and Tatjana Springer were present at the opening ceremony and could actively support the preparations.

In addition, thanks to further donations, the first aid delivery could be sent by post to the polyclinic at the beginning of November. In addition to 10,000 syringes and cannulas, five blood pressure devices and two otoscopes were sent on their way. We are curious to see how long the parcel will require for the journey.

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