Aims and Objectives

The Association Dominican Health was founded in January 2018 and has the objective to support primary health care in the Dominican Republic, where the existing structures are not sufficient to ensure adequate care for the population. On the one hand, the association is concerned with the question of what measures must be taken to achieve more justice in the provision and promotion of health worldwide. On the other hand, social commitment should take place concretely in one place. This commitment currently refers to support for the establishment of an outpatient and inpatient polyclinic in Puerto Plata. In the short and medium term, the aim is to provide support in the form of material for patient care. In addition, the association believes that it is important in the long term to promote the development of sustainable local structures. The association sees its task essentially in bringing in material, personal resources and know-how in such a way that the established structures can be supported by local organisations. Last but not least, the association is also concerned with learning from other cultures, thinking health globally, promoting personal exchange and learning from experience.

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