Vorstandsmitglied in Puerto Plata – ein erster Bericht

Seit Mitte März ist unser Vorstandsmitglied Prof. Dr. Peter König in der Dominikanischen Republik und wird das nächste halbe Jahr regelmäßig von dort berichten.

das neue Klinik Gebäude

Aktuell werden die Patientenzahlen in der Polyklinik von Milton Moronta zunehmenden mehr. Inzwischen sind ca. 200 Patienten registriert, die regelmäßig in die Ambulanz kommen. Das Gebäude, das derzeit benutzt wird, ist allerdings auf Dauer nur bedingt geeignet, da nur ambulant behandelt werden kann und zudem etliche Barrieren bestehen. Inzwischen konnte ein neues Gebäude gefunden werden, das perspektivisch besser geeignet sein wird.  Allerdings handelt es sich ebenfalls um ein Gebäude, das längere Zeit leer stand und erst renoviert werden muss. Die Arbeiten hierzu haben bereits begonnen, sodass ein Umzug für Anfang 2020 geplant ist. Neben ambulanten Behandlungsmöglichkeiten soll hier mittelfristig auch eine Bettenstation entstehen. Hierfür fehlen jedoch noch sämtliche Einrichtungsgegenstände. Hier wird der Verein in Zukunft unterstützen.

Milton Moronta im der neuen Klinik

Zudem fand am 21.03. wieder zu eine sogenannte „Operative“ statt. Damit sind Aktionen gemeint, bei denen das Team in Zusammenarbeit mit Gemeinden oder Hilfsorganisationen medizinische Hilfe vor Ort anbietet. Dieses Mal ging es um eine Impfaktion für Kinder aus Haiti in der Region Cabarete.

Impfaktion der mobilen Klinik

Dominican Health e.V. auf dem Herdermer Weihnachtsmarkt

On 01.12.2018 the 14th Herdermer Christmas Market took place in Freiburg. For the first time Dominican Health e. V. was represented with a stall. In addition to homemade biscuits, Stollen, honey and pickled quince and co., information about the activities and projects of the association was presented in a pre-Christmas atmosphere. Many conversations took place at our photo show. On this occasion we also presented our new flyer. Beside 2 new members of the association about 500 € could be raised.

Polyclinic officially launched

On 25.10.2018 the official opening of the polyclinic in the city centre of Puerto Plata took place. Dr. Milton Moranta and his team can now officially treat destitute and poor patients in one of the 5 treatment rooms. Citizens who can hardly afford a visit to a normal doctor’s office have the opportunity to get medical advice and treatment for 400 pesos (approx. 7 €) and to get free medication accordingly. In addition to Dr. Moronta, three other general practitioners, a dentist / orthodontist, a beautician as well as a physiotherapist and alternative practitioner work in the clinic. About half of the 400 pesos are used for the maintenance of the building. The students and association members Corinna Steiner and Tatjana Springer were present at the opening ceremony and could actively support the preparations.

In addition, thanks to further donations, the first aid delivery could be sent by post to the polyclinic at the beginning of November. In addition to 10,000 syringes and cannulas, five blood pressure devices and two otoscopes were sent on their way. We are curious to see how long the parcel will require for the journey.

Dominican Health at the International Festival

On 24.10.2018 the famous International Festival took place at the Hochschule Furtwangen. The aim of the festival is to bring the international students of the HFU together with the local population and other students. For this purpose, the International’s cook traditional national dishes and distribute them free of charge to the visitors. In addition, all participants have the opportunity to perform typical local traditions. At the end the visitors choose the best stand.

This semester 17 nations competed at the International Festival. For the first time a stand of the Dominican Republic was represented. A few members of the association cooked typical Dominican delicacies and thus promoted the country and the association on the festival day. Besides Mangú (mashed plantain with cheese and salami) and Moro de Habichuelas (rice and beans) there was also Helado de Potecito (mango-strawberry sorbet) and coffee from Santo Domingo. In the end, the stand from India won.


Hand-over of first aid delivery and arrival of volunteer students

Finally, we were able to hand over the first aid items to the Fundación Padre Granero personally in Puerto Plata. Dr. Moronta was able to receive various surgical instruments, blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, clinical thermometers, pupil lights, urine diagnostic sticks and walking aids. The aids were immediately used during several visits of the medical and nursing team to villages around Puerto Plata.

Handover of the first aids in Puerto Plata: Lucia König ( Member of the Association) Dr. Milton Moronta and Prof. Peter König

In addition, the students Tatjana Springer and Corinna Steiner began their voluntary service at the Foundation in September. Until December, they will support the setup of the outpatient polyclinic in the city center of Puerto Plata and the primary health care activities in rural regions.

Corinna Steiner hands over further aids

Dr. Moronta at the outpatient clinic in the community of La Guajaca.

Tatjana Springer in outpatient clinic in the community of La Guajaca.

Final presentation at the AGW Day at the Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences

On 03.07.2018 we presented our student project to a broad audience during the AGW Day of the Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences. We organised a workshop with different stations about the topics sustainability, health system of the Dominican Republic, a photo slideshow and the Dominican Health e.V. association. Afterwards we had the opportunity to discuss further activities and the sustainable design of the project and the association with interested attendees.

Presentation of the Dominican Health e.V. Association

Presentation of the local health system

Roundtable discussion

After the concluding short presentations of all projects, our poster was evaluated by professors, academic staff and external guests. We are very pleased that our poster was awarded the prestigious poster prize of the Applied Health Sciences program at Furtwangen University!

Poster Prize Award

Appearance in the university newsletter!

Our study project was listed in the newsletter of Furtwangen University. The article is about our founding of the association and the resulting cooperation between Furtwangen University and the University “Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra” (PUCMM) in the Dominican Republic.

Click here for the article!


University cooperation planned

The Furtwangen University plans to extend its support with further students in a sustainable way. It also prepares cooperation with the University of Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in Santiago. During the first visit on site, there were great similarities in terms of content regarding medicine, public health, physiotherapy and nursing. At present, a cooperation agreement is being prepared between the HFU and the PUCMM. This forms the basis for future collaboration in research and teaching. From 2019, semesters abroad are conceivable.

First personal meeting with professors of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra

The first visit to Puerto Plata

Now finally the first visit as part of our project in Puerto Plata in March 2018 could take place. Marie Thiele and Prof. Dr. Peter König had the opportunity to get to know the local health structures for a week. Accompanied and energetically supported by Marie Thiele’s partner David Petras, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to him. The three received a very warm welcome and had a full program for a week. In the process, they got to know the team of doctors and nurses and were already actively involved in providing care in a rural region.

Foto DomRep Bearbeitet (1).jpg

Here you can find a Spanish article about the health promotion we participated in!